In recent years we have seen the use of greenhouses in many aspects of the biotechnology industry. Our greenhouses are used in algae production, wastewater treatment with solar sludge drying, biomass fuel development as well as other environmental management. Each day finds a new application for Nexus greenhouses.

Nexus greenhouses can create the right environment for algae production and research. Controlling light and temperatures along with air filtration systems make greenhouses a natural for these environments to increase algae growth. Different algae strains are being used to produce nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and biodiesel.

Municipal wastewater treatment facilities are using greenhouse technology and the sun's "free" energy to dry solid waste into a disposable product. The previous alternative was to haul and dispose of wet sludge at a significant cost. Waste disposal in this manner is coming under more scrutiny from environmental groups and options in the very near future may be limited. Extremely low operating costs of greenhouses make reducing the volume of wet solids by removing the moisture an attractive, economical solution.

Nexus has installed a number of these operations and the municipalities have indicated that the greenhouse solar drying sludge operation exceeded their expectations.

With spiraling energy costs alternative biomass fuels are becoming more economically viable. Companies are using Nexus greenhouses to grow multiple products used for these fuel products.

Please contact Nexus Sales Associate Greg Ellis us to discuss the options available for your operation.