Cultivator Premier™ Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

What is included in the price?

The price includes a painted, extruded aluminum frame (your choice of white or green STANDARD), 8mm clear twinwall polycarbonate covering, all necessary hardware (excluding ground anchors), an extra-wide single-hinge door, extra-large roof vents, and FREE shipping. Tax is included in the price of your unit when purchased online.

Is this greenhouse a kit?

Yes, your Cultivator Premier™ comes pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to assemble. Hand tools are all that is needed for construction. The T-bolt assembly we use allows for easy construction. Assembly time varies relative to a customer's ability but typically takes 10-12 hours. Complete assembly instructions, featuring easy-to-follow diagrams, are included with your shipment.


Why do you use 8mm polycarbonate? How will it hold up in weathering?

8mm twin wall polycarbonate is an excellent choice as a greenhouse covering. It offers all the properties you want in a covering: excellent light transmission, exceptional strength and durability, and outstanding insulating properties. The 8mm polycarbonate has a light transmission of 82%, which offers an even, diffused light for optimal plant growth. It carries a separate 10-year manufacturer's warranty and comes standard with an anti-condensate coating. The surface of the polycarbonate is protected from the effects of ultraviolet radiation by a proprietary co-extrusion process. Beneficial infrared light passes through it, promoting an ideal growing environment. The R-factor for 8mm twin wall polycarbonate is 1.57.

Strength & Durability

Will the Cultivator Premier™ greenhouse kit stand up to snow and wind?

The Cultivator Premier™ is a high-quality greenhouse designed and engineered through decades of experience in the greenhouse business. With its strong aluminum framing and twin wall polycarbonate covering, this greenhouse is very durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The aluminum painted frame is STANDARD. Other manufactures offer plastic frames that are less durable, and they charge for painting the frame. Our structure and the coverings are UV resistant. Aluminum will stand the test of time and will not deteriorate due to weather and aging.


Does the Cultivator Premier™ greenhouse kit need a foundation?

It does not require a concrete foundation, but you will need a base for the greenhouse to sit on. You have the choice of ordering a pre-designed galvanized steel base from us, or if you prefer, you can make a wooden base using two-by-fours. The galvanized steel frame that is available for purchase is designed for the Cultivator Premier™ to provide stability and a level foundation that will not be subject to weather changes. Whether you choose the steel frame or make your own wooden frame, the greenhouse should be anchored to the ground with the ground anchors of your choice.

Can this greenhouse be moved?

Yes, it can be taken apart and moved. This house is considered portable. The house can weigh up to 350 lbs.


What type of warranty is available with the Cultivator Premier™?

The Cultivator Premier™ from National Greenhouse Co. is covered by a 12-year pro-rated structural warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by severe acts of nature or carelessness or misuse of the product by the customer. Any defective parts manufactured by National Greenhouse Co. will be replaced at no cost to the purchaser. Only the original purchaser of the Cultivator Premier™ may make claims under the Cultivator Premier™ warranty. Specific claims must be made consistent with the terms and conditions of the Cultivator Premier™ warranty, which is included in your instruction manual. The 8mm covering and optional accessories are covered by warranties offered by the manufacturers of those items.

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How is the Cultivator Premier™ greenhouse kit shipped?

The Cultivator Premier™ will ship from our production facility in approximately two weeks from the date or order. The greenhouse will arrive at your home via truck line. Shipping in the 48 contiguous states is absolutely FREE.


What about ventilation?

The Cultivator Premier™ comes STANDARD with two extra-large 2' x 3' roof vents that can be opened manually. You also have the option of purchasing solar powered vent arms to automatically open the vents when the temperature in the greenhouse reaches a certain point. The solar vent is our most popular option. Whether you manually open your vents or purchase the solar powered arms, the extra-large roof vents let the hot air escape from the roof area, allowing your plants and herbs to flourish in a more comfortable climate.

What about air movement in the greenhouse?

You may want to increase air movement in the greenhouse beyond what is afforded by our standard roof ventilation. We also offer an automatic fan and shutter system to enhance cooling.


What if I do not have natural shading in my yard?

We offer a roof shade cloth to cover the Cultivator Premier™, which greatly reduces the heat buildup in your greenhouse and helps to minimize heat and sun damage on your plants.

Helpful Hints

Do you have any other helpful tips for finding the right location in my yard?

Sun exposure will be greatest beginning in the south and decreasing in the following order: western, eastern, and northern. Try to put your greenhouse near some deciduous trees that might offer some shade in the spring, summer, and fall.

What type of flooring should be used in my greenhouse?

The floor of the Cultivator Premier™ can be a concrete pad, brick (for added heat conservation), pea gravel, garden stones, lawn, or a wood deck. If using gravel inside the greenhouse, smaller stones tend to work better to balance benches and pots. If a raised wood deck is chosen, be prepared to insulate the flooring beforehand to help prevent cold air from entering the greenhouse from below.